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How Extreme Is Your Cooling? Dueling Dragons

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I had a bit of fun doing an LN2 OCing demo with a buddy, Gomeler of Legit Reviews and XS fame. We got some OK pictures, fun times. We had dueling K|ngp|n Dragon F1 cooling setups which was fun. Benching under the projection screen was really cool along with the music.


Setting Up



Dueling Dragons



Pulling it Down




Comparing Stock and OCd Runs






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This was a attempt at the EVGA QPI contest.


I have ran LN2 on a system before, BUT that dang condensation was such a problem! So when I was getting ready to do it again for this contest I was thinking of different ways to remove condensation……. Then it clicked, Mineral oil!!! It does not conduct, good at removing heat cheap and easy to find.


So I used material oil to remove heat and keep water way from the system. We used Dry Ice to cool the OIL and LN2 to cool the CPU. (It was not perfect but I learn fast so if I do it again it will be even better )


Unfortunately our marks where not what they should have been. For some reason we hit a low wall. And before we could fix it. We updated the BIOS on the X58 that killed the board.( Thanks Intel and your RAID controller!!!!!) So before we could work out the wall the experiment was dead :(


We hit 4.6 GHz on a 227 QPI on a i7 920. Now I have a phase change cooler coming in the mail and my classified I will try again. But first I need to find the BEST RAM!! for my build to reach my OC goal. Hence why over the past week and over the next few weeks I have been contacting Corsair 2 other RAM companies to test RAM and find out who really has the best ram for overclocking.

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