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Flash Voyager has to be held in exact position in USB port


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A while back I bought the 1GB version of the Corsair Flash Voyager USB drive, and haven't had a problem with it till now.


Ive searched round the forum and I am having the exact same problem as this guy: http://houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73124


The plug on the stick which fits into a USB port appears to be getting loose as I have to 'wiggle' it about in the port till, I presume connections/contacts are made and the system detects the drive properly. This has been gradually getting worse and now, if I want it to be detected by any computer, I have to hold the stick in the exact position for the blue light to come on and it be detected by the system which, as you can imagine, is not exactly ideal.


Im worried that it will soon stop working altogether which is a shame because ive never abused it in any way and they supposedly have a reputation for being 'near indestructible'.


Is it possible for it to be replaced? And if so, as it appears you no longer manufacture the 1GB drives, is there any way of knowing what drive it will be replaced with? If there is a number I need to ring please bear in mind im calling from the UK and include any extra digits I need to add.


Thanks for your time and help.


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