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Receiving NVIDIA Low Power Warnings from NVIDIA GTS 250 powered by HX520.


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Hi All,


I just built a new PC (see specs for details) and after Windows launches an NVIDIA Low Power Warning dialogue box pops up stating that my video card is not receiving enough power to work at full capacity and has automatically lowered its capabilities.


I am assuming that my HX520 is enough to power a single Gigabyte NVIDIA GTS 250 and minimalist rig. So I'm quite perplexed as to why this message keeps appearing.


Is the HX520 powerful enough to support the GTS 250? I consulted the PSU calculator before buying the Hardware but the GTS 250 model isn't present in the list. I clicked around selecting Cards in the same family and the HX520 was still recommended for more powerful cards so I assumed so.


I'm still trying to ascertain if my PSU is damaged/faulty or maybe the PCI-E cable is damaged, if the PSU cannot out put the amps necessary to run the card or maybe the video card is faulty. I'm not sure.


I've tried re-seating the card and re-connecting the power cables to both the PSU and Video Card. Next I'll have to try replacing the PCI-E cable entirely in case that was somehow damaged. But I'm pretty much close to being out of ideas of what to try or how to go about testing which piece of hardware is the culprit.


Oh, I should probably mention, only my video card seems to have any power issues. The system itself seems to run fine, However, I've only had a few hours to mess around with the PC after building it at this stage.


Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :biggrin:

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I would try a different PCIE cable on a different port of the HX520 just to be sure its not an issue with a cable/port. If it does not make a difference, then its likely a video card or driver related issue. There were problems like this with previous cards which were eventually fixed with a driver update, you may want to see if your video card manufacturer is aware of the issue and see if they have a beta driver that might help.


The max wattage this card can pull is 150 watts, so you should have plenty of power for this system with the HX520.

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