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One stick in TWIN2X2048-6400C4 has died on my recently

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Well I bought the kit from newegg (pulled up this link from my invoice in my account) just a little over two years ago. I bought this memory, along with the new motherboard that I still have, and a 8800GTS 512 that I later stepped up from evga (I wanted 800 speed memory because I wanted it to run 1:1 with the overclock that I was going to do w/ my CPU).


That has all worked fine. It's been a great kit. But one day when I turn on my computer (a few days ago), during windows boot up, it BSOD's with a "Bad Header Pool" or "Header Pool Error" or something to that effect. Researching around there seems to be a plethora of problems that can go with that, so no help. I guess it's memory first, because, well, it's the easiest thing to test (much easier then pulling out a video card or something :P).


Well, first, I just try rebooting. And it locks up completely at the BIOS. The info about the BIOS is showed, the info about my CPU and how much memory is there, but locks up before all the info about my drives. So I take off the side of the case, pull out the second stick, same problem. I put that stick in, take out the first stick, it FIXES the problem!. But is this stick bad?


So I try the sticks in the same order, but over a slot (Instead of 0 and 2, now 1 and 3) (Thinking that maybe my mobo's slot died or something). That didn't work. So I try that first stick by itself in the rest of the slots, and none of it works, same BIOS-lock problem. I try the second stick in the rest of the slots, it works all fine and dandy.


Okay, so Warranty time, right? I've heard *great* things about you guys from friends, so that's why I picked you this time when I was buying memory. That kit has been running great and doing exactly what I wanted it to, just fine, for over two years, but now I think a stick just wanted to give up.


So do I send in the old stick or something? Or do I have to send in the whole kit? Or just keep the stick (can't run Memtest86 because... well, can't even get past BIOS :P).


Hope I can get some response, thanks!!

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