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Postage to Netherlands ???

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I live in Scotland, I have a blown Corsair HX520 PSU, I have just recieved an RMA number but the address I have to send it to is in the Netherlands ! I do not think it is very fair I should have to foot the bill for postage of a rather heavy item to the Netherlands, is this the norm or is there a facility I can send it to in the UK ?





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Thank you for your reply RAM GUY.


Because the product was purchased just over a year ago the retailer reffered me to Corsair, I have just been up to our post office to ship the item and they have told me it will cost £35 to ship, I am now wondering if I'd be better cutting my losses and purchasing another PSU ! Added to this I need my computer back up and running as it is needed for the efficient running of my business, sending it back would mean me doing without it for at least two weeks.


I have purchased many Corsair products over the years as I build computers for customers in my spare time, this experience has put me right of the brand, I now see the "5 year warranty" as a con ! Other manufactures operate a swap system to reduce inconvenience.


Kind Regards


Scott (A VERY dissatisfied customer) :evil:

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