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I have a corsair HX620W and a gtx280.

It had a squealing sound when playing high graphical.

So I forced Vsync on and it helps but there is a buzzing sound instead of the squealing one (disabeling C1E doesn't do a thing).

it's still annoying.

I tried another PSU (Trust520W) then the sound was gone exept I had lines walking through the screen.


I also tried switching the motherboard, processor, HDD and the video card.

But the problem is still there.



So please help if you know something else to try.




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I would test the PSU in a different system if possible, to see if the issues follow the PSU. In this case it sounds like there could be a problem with the video card. If you get buzzing in 3D apps only, and with a different PSU you get graphical glitches on the screen, then I would try to make sure the video card is not causing the issues.
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