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Bad 8888C4D RAM


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Hello there,


Quite new here however i come with a problem.


Recently my pc wouldn't boot at all after a cold boot and it would only work if i had 1 gb of ram in the first slot. After alot of trail and error i managed to get all 4gb sticks in there and booting into windows, however whenever i use heavy applications my pc just shuts down.


Now i have run memtest on all 4 1gb sticks individually and have come to the conclusion that 2 of the 4 ram sticks are dead. 2 sticks that i have tested ran for 10 hours without a single error, the third gave 260 errors within the first minute and the last one wouldn't even let me postboot.


i ran the memtest with the memory at 1111mhz 4-4-4-12.


Furthermore now when i try to clock my cpu to the 3,2 ghz it was running at before the problems it will bsod when i overclock while with the exact same settings before it would let me work at that speed stable. (ofcourse i am doing this only using the 2gb of working ram) I get a STOP:0x00000124 error, it does a memory dump and then reboots. I was wondering if that could also be a ram issue?

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What does the ext "3" mean? I'm from holland/ The Netherlands so that might be why i don't get it :P Anyway, gonna fill in a RMA form now. (does it matter wich phone number i call from hollland? or is either fine)
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