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Ram for Dell E521


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I need a little help choosing some ram for my computer [see spec]. I took a look at the corsair memory selector which recommended only 1x 1gb stick - as far as I'm aware my pc runs best with pairs of memory. At the minute I have 2 x 512mb stock ram, And I would like to entend the life of my pc a little by adding another 2 ram sticks into the 2 spare dimm slots.


anyway to cut a long story short - will these 2x 1gb sticks do?







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Little note to say thanks again - I bought that ram and actually had a go at installing it myself!!!!!


Everything went to plan (it wasn't that hard actually - just made sure to drain static electricity from myself first) and I stuck both sticks into the M/B, switched on and checked the properties and it said 3gb


well pleased



*novice - if i can do it anyone can do it.

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