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Hi folks!


Same here, I definitely think this power supply is the only one faulty here.

I'm having the exact same symptoms on a gigabyte ex-ds4 with an intel i7 920 and an ATI Radeon HD4850...


Disabling speedstepping and some cpu power saving options stopped the continuous and horrible buzzing. But there is still an audible buzzing/whistling noise whenever I see 3d graphics, in games, or even in flash!


Since I use 3d design a lot for work, this is totally unacceptable for such an expensive power supply. And I'm pretty sure this comes from the hx620 series, so sending it back would be useless!!!! :mad::mad::mad:

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If you force Vsync "on" from your video drivers control panel, can you still duplicate the same issues? If possible you may want to test the PSU in a different system and see if the problem follows the PSU. Normally these issues can be caused by the motherboard, video card (or drivers), or the PSU.
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