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Intel X58SO Motherboard and XMP Memory


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I just upgraded my mem from 3 gigs to 6 gigs of corsair memory, is there any reason why the XMP memory profile is not showing up in the bios, do i need to reset something>?????


XMP profiles were created with settings for running three modules in triple channel mode, not six modules in triple channel mode. You should find the mode disabled when you insert 12Gb.


At the moment no memory manufacturer can or does guarantee 12Gb over 1333, since it's almost 100% dependent on the CPU IMC. It's not always possible to clock them over 1333 but most times 1600 is possible with a few settings.


I would test with BCLK (133, timings at 9-9-9-28 with tRFC 100-110 & start with vQPI 1.56. Then you if you gain boot, you can memtest and begin to test your system. After finding stability, you can incrementally drop the vQPI until you find your CPU's IMC quality.

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