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TX850...something unusual happening


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Hi Guys,


I installed my new Corsair TX850 about a month ago and when I installed it and powered it on for the first time, it powered up and all of the fans and etc came on, then it suddenly powered off, and then after about 5 more seconds, my computer came back on like normal and everything was fine. I have been using it since then with no issues at all. My computer just powers up like normal and it does not go off again until I shut it down. However, I just came back from vacation and was gone a little over a week. I unplugged my system before I left on vacation, so there was no power going to it what so ever. Today, when I started up my computer, the same thing happened when I turned it on. Powered up like normal, then completely shut down again and repowered itself on again in about 5 seconds and has been working normal ever since.


My question is should I worry about this, or is it just one of those unexplained things?? I just don't want to burn anything up if I can help it.



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I wouldn't suspect that you would be at risk of damaging any components. You may want to make sure you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard and then load setup defaults. Usually if you are not getting consistent power issues which are easily duplicated, then its more likely a BIOS/motherboard issue.
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