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RAM as wrong speed


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Posting in this thread since the problem is similar.


I just paired my shipping 1 GB Apple RAM in my 2008 iMac with a 2 GB module from Corsair. The Corsair product is labeled as “DDR2 800MHz” and System Profiler rated the Apple memory speed as 800 MHz before the upgrade.


Now System Profiler identifies both DIMMs as 667 MHz. What gives? Is this normal expected behavior, or is their a defect with my Corsair product?


I know that each chip will run at the lower of speed of either.



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Following up, the hardware diagnostic test reported my Corsair RAM as VS2GSDS667D2. Boy was I a little miffed!


I returned the product to Best Buy for full refund. Then I came home and placed an online order with New Egg for 4GB at just over half what Best Buy charged me for the 2 GB Corsair chip!


It turns out that System Profiler actually turned up the same secret about the mislabeled Corsair chip -- I should have tried converting the hexadecimal Part Number to ASCII.

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