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ASUS P5K Premium Issue


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I've got the ASUS P5K Premium motherboard and use 4 sticks of CM2X1024-8500C5D ram.


For long enough my computer was pretty unstable but I never had much time to give it a check over to find out what the issue was. Eventually came to the conclusion (from help on other forums) that it was something with the RAM.


I've run memtest on each stick individually and never had any issue. However, as soon as I use two or more sticks I get errors. Also get some warning when I restart about "Overclocking failed" even though I have never tried to overclock this system.


Anyone know if there is anyway to get around this? I've seen a few threads with similar problems with Asus boards, and one with my motherboard (tho there wasnt any conclusion in the thread).


What could this be? Flat out compatability issue?

Power issue? (surely 620watts is enough?)


Any help would be very much appreciated.


- Will

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There are two issues that bring this result it seems. One is a damaged Memory Controller/Northbridge Conduit (not all that often) and the other is a damaged or misaligned (often slightly misaligned) insertion of the CPU.


Remove the CPU, use a magnifying optical device and check the pin alignment. If you find one that is not in alignment, use a very small toothpick to re-align it, or RMA the mainboard.


This seems to be the reasoning as I have received notification to be very careful with the insertion.

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