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HX 1000w shorting?


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I have just recently got a new HXUK 1000w psu. I wanted it to replace my current hx620w as it is going into another computer and I will be upgrading my pc in profile to core i7 in a few months. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to add everything.


I took the hx620 out of ocmputer in profile and replaced it with the hx1000w, when It boots there is no display however it seems the computer is booting as normal. I changed graphics card to a Ati x300 and still no display. I put my hx620 back into it and comptuer booted fine, with display on both graphics card. (x300 & HD4870). So I swapped psu's again and tried booting again with hx1000w, this time when I switched the psu on via the button on back of psu, it set the trip to the house. So I reset the trip and tried switching the hx1000w on again. This time no trip set however the pc boots but only for 5-10 seconds then restarts and boots for another 5-10 seconds with no display. So I think it must be a short. I took all parts out of case and had just 1 stick ram, graphics card, cpu installed on motherboard (Computer parts from profile) on desk. I then tried booting with my hx620w on this setup and the system booted fine with display and no problems. I then tried the hx1000w and when switched it on it boot for 5-10 seconds with no display and restarted itself, it would do this continunsouly for a few minutes then it set the trip off again.


Since I thought maybe the motherboard is shorting I tried it on my other new pc I had just built where the hx620w is for.(Specs: Asus P5Q, Intel Q8200, 8GB (4x2GB) Corsair PC2-8500 XMS2, Ati x300, Seagate Barracuda 250GB SATA). It was installed in a case so I tried it in case first, same issue would boot for 5-10 seconds the automatically reboot and try booting then restart with no display. I tried the hx620w in case with it and it worked flawlessly. I took all parts out of case and setup on desk same as other pc, 1 stick corsair ram, cpu, gpu and tried booting, on hx620w it boots fine and there is display, however when tried hx1000w it set the trip of in house. I reset the trip and tried again and it just booted up for 5 - 10 seconds then reboot.


I think there is a short in the hx1000w PSU somewhere which is causing this and not in other computer parts because they all work in and out of case (2 different cases) with the hx620w.


I also ran the PSU functionability test stickied here, and it the psu work fine with a 5v 120mm fan.

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