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HP Compaq 6715s RAM upgrade


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Heya guys, Hope this goes right lol. I'm looking to upgrade my laptop RAM, though I am having some issues, I've taken pictures of both sides of my current RAM, my trouble is that I have done a scan which says my ram is DDR PC2-5300, though I have googled it and it only comes up with DDR2 results, so I'm not sure if the scan is retarded or my ram is infact DDR, if thats the case, DDR2 ram would not fit in my laptop, correct? [EDIT] I'm using a HP Compaq 6715s.


I also think that it is a 200pin stick, as it has 1-199 on one side, and 2-200 on the other side.


So, my question is ---- Would this RAM [LINK REMOVED!] Work in my laptop?


Feh. Changing RAM in a puter is so much easier. Silly laptops


Hope I have provided enough information.

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Corsair can't comment on other memory manufacturer's products! Here's what Corsair memory will work with that laptop, and yes, DDR PC2 is DDR2.



Guaranteed-Compatible Memory for your Hewlett-Packard Business Notebook 6715s


Thank you so much, sorry for the pictures and links to non Corsair products. You've been a great help!

Thanks again. =)

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