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Asus P5Q Deluxe with two sets of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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We only test with 4 up on our quad sets of modules and using two Twinx sets of memory we would suggest dropping to the next speed grade down. That is not to say in some MB's 4 up of 2 Twinx sets might run at the advertised speed but it would not be guaranteed and 99% of the time will not run because of loading on the MB memory controller and or the memory.


RAMGUY, I have been having problems with my computer getting non-stop BSOD when I installed my 8GB of this memory. I ran the memtest and got one stick giving lots of errors. So, I returned a set of 2 and just received the replacements.


But, while they were out, I started getting more, thought less frequent, BSOD with only the 2 remaining sticks in place. I reran memtest and got a couple of errors on one of the sticks that had prior passed clean.


I then took the corsair memory out and put my original 4 sticks of 1GB memory from my old dell. It has been running happily ever since with no BSOD.


Though I want to o/c this system, I don't plan to do so till I have it stable with 8GB of ram in it. But I am afraid of putting the corsair memory back in.


In your post above, you say you don't guarantee 4 sticks unless they came in a quad pack! Is that true? What is the difference between 2 sets of 2 and 1 set of 4? Note, my 2 sets of 2 all had the same batch. This is no longer true with my replacement set of two.


I had the BIOS set to manual 2.1v and 5-5-5-15 timing as I had been told to do before (or saw someone else).


What do you suggest I do from here?

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You are advised to drop the bandwidth one bin ie. 8500 --> 6400 --> 5300 and raise the memory controller (Northbridge/MCH) +1v for X38/X48/P45 chipsets and +.2v for all other chipsets when you set two kits.


The Dual Kits are sold and supported as a kit. They are not sold and supported as a Quad kit. Matched Quad sets are highly binned modules for a four slot population. The Dual sets are tested as a kit, not a Quad and warranted as a dual kit, not a Quad setup. RMA is performed on a kit basis. Dual kits have both modules sent back and a matched pair is returned. Quad kits have all four modules sent back and a matched quad is returned.

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