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Successful Example of running GTX260 SLI on 620HX?


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Hello everyone,


I just joined the board and nice to meet you all!


I have a question about running 2x GTX 260 Core 216 in SLI mode on Corsair 620HX. I have searched the forum a bit and mostly I understand it can be done in 'realistic' or 'real world' situation. However, I am just wondering can anyone provide a 'real world' example of this? Knowing that today's game can be pretty power intensive, can I play games such as Crysis, FSX, GTA4 etc on MAX and the power can still be enough? Is the Core i7 really that power hungry? I can OC'ing my Core 920 to 3.5, does it matter?


I know the solution is to get a bigger PSU....but I just bought this one and I hope I don't need to change it. BTW, the next modular jump is to 1000HX which is a bit overkill.


Thanks for all the info guyz & ladies! :):


**PS: Corsair Customer Support is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have contacted them twice requesting the DUAL 6pin cable for my SLI build (the first time there is a little misunderstanding and I got the regular single 6pin instead of dual as seen in 1000HX) and both time the processing speed is SUPER FAST! I literally get the cables in days which is unbelievable especially the service is FREE! If every company can operate with such quality and dignity as Corsair does, the economy may very well turn around sooner rather than later! Thanks Corsair!!!!:laughing:

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I've got my second BFG GTX 260 OC X MAXCORE 55nm on the way (this pulls less power than the standard 65nm GTX 260) next week.


I'm also waiting on some Y-Splitter PCI-E cables from Corsair so I can power both cards and hopefully they'll arrive around the same time the card does and I'll let you know then.


From what I've read though, an HX620W should power the GTX 260s in SLI just fine. I only have my i7 OC'd to 2.8GHz right now but when my heatsink+fans arrive on Monday I'll be aiming for higher.


I've considered jumping to the HX1000W too but can't afford to right now when I have other stuff to upgrade first; not to mention that I just got my HX620W a couple months ago.


And yeah, Corsair customer support is excellent. The guys respond to forum questions so fast and the fact that they ship out more modular cables for free is a definite plus!


When Windows 7 is actually released I'mma grab another 6GB of their Dominator 1600 RAM. Hopefully prices will drop a little by then but I'll be grabbin more either way.

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Thanks for your reply, IdShadow!


I am still holding off trying to decide whether I can add the 2nd GTX260 on my 620HX. Or more so does it even worth doing SLI (I am running at 1680x1050 only - but the price now is so tempting). Anyway, please post back for your result when your 2nd card arrive!!


By the way...the card I am having now is the old 65nm Core 216, I can still add the 55nm to pair with it right?


I know at least 750W would be great...however as the quality of Corsair PSU is so great that it is known to be capable of higher Wattage than it is rated, so I am kind of hoping it will work. I mean I know it is gonna stress it a bit, but as long as it can last reliably for 2-3 years I am happy (since by that time I'll probably upgrade again anyway - another Corsair of course):p:

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I did a quick check for you and most people seem to agree that you'll be able to SLI a 65nm with a 55nm card just fine.


If for whatever reason, you buy a factory overclocked 55nm, it'll slow down to run in sync with the 65nm.


If you play 1680x1050 I think 1 card should do just fine, but if you wanna play like Crysis and stuff with full details and everything on high, the 2nd card definitely couldn't hurt.


SLI is probably overkill for most games I play, but I got such a good price on the cards I couldn't say "no". :P


I've also read too, that the quality of the PSU is more important than wattage ratings (ie. that a quality 600-750W PSU is better and can power more stuff than a shabby 1000W+ PSU). And Corsair is definitely known for making quality PSU's and Memory.


So the HX620W should be fine from most things that I've read, you'd only need more maybe if you wanted to upgrade to GTX 285 SLI and up.

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Hey, Thanks again for your help!


Glad to know I can SLI a 65nm with a 55nm and that I can safely use it with my 620HX. In fact, I got a factory overclocked 65nm and thinking to buy a stock speed 55nm:p:....well..i know...but the price difference is nill..


Yea..i know SLI is pretty overkill for 1680x1050...however with a price like now (let's say minus all the sofeware/game bundle it just cost like 50 bucks)...it REALLY tempting....

but still, I am doing my best to calm down and think just to wait and upgrade to GT300 later in the year....hopefully 620HX will work with that as well..l:D:...which I am sure will...


I totally agree that Corsair product is awesome...the 'other brand' PSU I originally have which die on me in TWO months can never compare to this...I mean from their dedication to provide excellent customer service and from tiny details such as those 'flat' modular cable can see that they really put their heart in it...I have never feel so happy installing the PSU which usually I hated most because of the tangling wires and just make a mess in the case.


*The only reason I haven't bought Dominator is because I don't have enough money...lol:[pouts:

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Works just fine. Got 2 PCI-E connectors going to 1 card and 4 Molex connectors going to 2 PCI-E adaptors on the other card (still waiting on my Y-splitters so that I can clean up this mess of wires).


I also have 3 hard drives, a cd-burner, 4 stock case fans (w/ LEDs on them), and 2 fans on my heatsink being powered as well.

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