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Warranty after Rebate? TWIN2X4096-6400C5


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So, I bought some Corsair Ram for a system build im going to do. I figured, Corsair is a quality product, you cannot go wrong. I saw there was a GREAT rebate on some Corsair Dual Channel TWINX 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (TWIN2X4096-6400C5), bringing the price down to just 19.99!! I quickly associated the name with quality, and purchased the Ram right away (along with a Corsair VX450W) and as soon as it got to me, i removed the barcodes and sent off for the rebate.


Now, I fired up the PSU and it seems to be working. But I cannot check the ram to make sure it works, because I dont have the rest of the components from my build yet (for monetary reasons, I cant buy everything at once).


So yesterday I was bored, And decided to check out the user reviews at OldEgg and LionDirect (disguised in case that might break a rule) well it seems that about 2 in ten of these units are bad judging from the comments. So now I'm worried.


Is it possible to get a RMA after i've sent in for a rebate?I had to take the barcodes off the products. SHould I have kept a COPY of the barcodes for the boxes? Or do copys not work for barcodes?


So basically my question is, in a month, when I'm able to check the ram sticks, IF one of them is bad, what would be the recommended action to take?


I wish I had read the reviews before I had bought the Corsair sticks, because A) nobody is getting their rebates back, and B)there are ALOT of bad sticks out there for whatever reason, and Ive noticed that even here on the forum, theres alot of posts about the sticks.


I did months of research on the parts for my build, but then one day I saw Corsair RAM for 19.99 and made an impulse buy and totally disreguarded my research becuase I saw the Corsair label, now I'm hoping that if something goes wrong Corsair will still take care of my ram problems.


thanks in advance!!

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1) Rebates have NOTHING to do with the warranty. Keep the receipt just in case, but it's not always needed.


2) Tech support forums are about problems, not happy people. I think it's like less than .5% of sold products are actually RMA'd, and a lot of those don't even have any problems.


3) Same ideology goes for rebates. People only complain, never say "went through just fine"

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