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Requesting a RMA for a suspected bad memory module.


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Requesting a RMA for a suspected bad memory module. I have a matched set of Corsair PC3200LL 512MB each on a Asus P4C800 Deluxe Motherboard running Win XP Pro. I have been getting random restarts & lockups. I get them on random application or games, and found no specific program that caused it. I did replace them with 2 identical sticks of memory and problems went away. I also ran them both through memtest, and one stick keeps reporting the same errors through memtest. I have also tried reinstalling Windows XP & other application and had no luck except for when I simply replaced the memory modules. So, I am requesting a RMA to get them replaced. I assume I will have to send in both to get a set that is matched, but would like to know to be sure. Matt
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