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HX520W intermittent power up and power loss issues


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Hi All,

I've been running my PC happily for 18 months without any issues.


(1) Yesterday, I tried to turn my PC on but when I pressed the power button nothing happened - the motherboard green led is on but nothing "visible" happens.


(2) I then tried disconnecting the power from the mains until the green led went out, optimistically thinking that this may clear the problem. It didn't, but I noticed that when I pressed the power button the first time, the PSU, case, and CPU fans all start spinning for a half second. Subsequent presses of the power button give nothing at all, as per (1).


(3) I then unplugged all of the unnecessary peripherals and disconnected the power and then the PC powered up normally. I then reattached all of the USB / audio peripherals. A couple of hours later, the PC just suddenly went dead and I ended back at (1).


Today, I've disconnected the peripherals and disconnected / reconnected power and the PC is back on. I haven't reconnected the periphs yet, I'm waiting to see if I get the problem again.


Has anyone seen this kind of thing before? Any experience, comments, feedback welcome.

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Yes, a disk drive and this does not seem to receive any power or make any sound.


A few other useful notes:

- Subsequent paper clip tests cause the fan to spin in the same way

- I've installed a new HX620W power supply in the PC and all is working fine

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Im facing the exactly same problem as mentioned before. Computer started to shutdown several times a day and it wont power up imediately, I had to disconnect all the wires from the motherboard, remove the VGA cards, sound card and pull it back. Then it was working again since today, the PSU is dead, paperclip test has the same results, fan spins for a while and then turns off.


I just wanted to ask if I need the original receipt from the shop where it was bought for the RMA? Its almost 2 and half year in use and I wasnt able to find the receipt since it was in warranty for only 2 years. I probably threw it up :(

I also read that I need to pay Corsair for the shippment, is that true? If it is can you tell me the shippment price? I just want to consider If it is even worth to replace it or buy a new one.


Thank you for your response!

Thomas, Czech Republic, EU

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For info. I'm located in Switzerland and I opened an RMA ticket which asked me to send the PS to Holland. Fortunately, I found the receipt and I can take the unit back to the original supplier who will RMA it for me.Good luck...


Very good! We are sorry you have had the issue with your PSU.

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Today Ive recieved a replacement for my HX620. The RMA went pretty fast! It took only 3 days after the package was received by the Corsair RMA center.


But Im not sure about the warranty, its 7 years? Or is it shorter?


5 years on the HX620.

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