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Very unhappy event with my TX850


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I bought a TX850 from the Hong Kong distributor a few days ago.


The PS was DoA.

The problem was the "void the warranty" label was scratched. Actually it did not look like the kind of scratch you got when you put in and pull out the PS from the case.

It looked like a hole when you stick a screw driver trying to open up the PS case. The 4 screws which hold the case cover did not looked like it had been opened however.


Now the distributor said he needs to talk to Corsair directly before getting back to me.

I have the below questions.


1. What else I can do ?

2. Can someone show me what the packing inside of the box when it leaves the factory ? There is something really suspicious. The store person told me it is not possible their fault and he said he can open up a new PS to show me the sticker should be in perfect condition. Then my question is how he will sell his PS which he opens for me to inspect ? The only thing I can think of is he will repack it with shrink warp again and pretend it is new :confused:


Pardon my English as it is not my first language and I really feel unhappy now. Thanks for the understanding.

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The distributor's rma department called me today and gave me the blah blah the sticker was removed and the manufacturer would not replace it.


I told him that I did not open the PS and he could confirm so by looking at the screws were not scratched abit.

He said that he needed to contact the storefront and get back to me.


Not sure if he had emailed you guys (Corsair) though.

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Just let everyone know that the distributorw was willing to change a new one for me after consulting Corsair.


Because there was no stock of TX850 so I added money to get a HX1000.


Thanks Corsair.:):



Thanks for the update, glad to hear everything worked out, let us know if you have any more problems!

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