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Voltages way off for HX620 (by software/bios)


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When I first installed the HX620 (a month or two ago), I noticed that the voltages didn't read right in bios (previous PSU did not have this issue), but I chalked it up to some incompatibility (or faulty sensors) between the motherboard and PSU (wishful thinking perhaps). However, since then I have seen my first (ever) Windows messages about "Delayed Write Failed" errors. Memtest86+ did not generate any errors when I ran it after the first several errors occurred (haven't run it in a couple weeks) and SMART testing doesn't indicate any errors with HDDs, so I started thinking about any other possible sources for the error and all I can think of is that perhaps those incorrect voltage readings are more significant than I originally presumed or there is something either wrong with my motherboard (either hardware or software/bios related).


If anyone has any insight or suggestions for something I could try to do to track down the problem, I'd really appreciate it.


As I type this:


SpeedFan reads voltages (at load) as:

+3.3V = 3.38

+5V = 5.00V

+12V = 2.82V

-12V = -16.31V

-5V = -8.43V

+5V = 5.21V


CPUID HWMonitor reads voltages (at load) as:

+3.3V = 3.38

+5V = 5.03V

+12V = 2.94V

-12V = -0.51V

-5V = -0.45V

+5V = 5.21V

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Your system wouldn't even boot at those voltages. Motherboard problem.


I would agree, the readings your are getting are not from the PSU itself (you would need a multimeter to get an accurate reading), its getting measured after the motherboard regulates the voltage, and it looks like its not displaying the correct values for at least the negative rails and the 12v rail. I would try updating the BIOS and then load setup defaults and see if the readings are a little more accurate, but in this case I would not suspect the PSU is causing the problem.

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