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TX650W Won't Start


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I just finished building a system using the parts listed here. My problem is that when I try to start for the first time, nothing happens. There is NO lights or clicks or beeps anything that you would expect. I checked and rechecked the connections and jumpers and they are all in accordance with those specified in the motherboard manual.

Its as if there was NO power introduced.

Please provide me with some guidance



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I would recommend that you try the PSU functionality test from the following thread in our forum: http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=63991. If the PSU powers on and stays on, then its not getting a signal from the motherboard to turn on when you have everything hooked up. Double check that your power button is hooked up to the correct pins on the motherboard, and you may want to try jumping these pins by bridging them with a paperclip to bypass the power button on the case altogether.


Also, make sure the switch on the back of the PSU is pressed down on the "1" side.

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Thanks, I have an 8 pin connector to the motherboard and your specified ATX schmatic shows 20. Please advise

duh, after I figured out I was to use the 20 pin connector that is not used on my system. I removed all power to everything except a fan and the fan then started.

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All current motherboards require the 20/24 pin ATX connection, and yours also requires the 8 pin:



2 x4-pin ATX 12V Power connector = EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin

24 Pin connection: ATX 24 pin & 20 pin compatible




The red box shows the location of the 24 pin connection, and the yellow box shows the location of the 2x4 pin connection.


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