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Asus P6T Deluxe V2 with (6x2GB)


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Hi, thanks for taking a look at my question.


I am in the final stages of planning a system build. I want a system that is ultra reliable for financial analysis, multitasking with many internet explorer pages and the ability to run Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe applications. Some of the photos I am manipulating are quite big RAW files. Maintaining low system noise is also a priority. I would like to get a lot of RAM. The options that I am considering are:

1) 6x2GB

2) 3x4GB (I am happy to wait for DDR3/4GB cards)

3) 6x4GB (likewise happy to be a little patient for the DDR3/4GB)


My system spec is in my notes, but the salient points are 1) P6T-Deluxe V2, 2) i7-920, 3) Aircooled in a Silverstone FT01.


If I do not overclock is there anypoint going above 1,333GHz memory chips? If I overclock the i7-920 to 4.0GHz (QPI 200, CPUmux 20), what memory bandwidth issues do I need to consider. I've read on wikipedia that the processors can only handle 3 channels at 1,333 GHz.


Apologies if this is all obvious to you all... I've build my own PC four years ago, but I'd like to attempt my first overclock and to end up with a stable and OTT system!


Thanks for your time.

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Actually I said that incorrectly, they will come out with a 4.0 Gig modules and we can make 3 x 4Gig sets of 12 Gig or 6 x 4.0 Gig 24 Gig sets. But I do not expect these till next year. If even then it will depend on the cost of the IC's and if Microsoft gets on the ball or not.
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