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Identical matched pair?


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I recently purchased a "matched" set of CM2X 1024 - 6400 ram on eBay.

CPU-Z shows some discrepencies in the readout between the two.

What if anything does this difference mean and how does it impact

performance? Disregard CPU-Z's readout of the voltage. They're at 1.9V.

I'm wondering if I should contact the seller.





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Yes I realize that, and yes the labels are identical, I marked the new ones

with a felt pen so as not to get confused with my earlier bought same.

That's how identical they are (I have 2 other of the same).


I ran a Performance program benchmark on all 4. I suppose I could take 2 out

bench each pair separately and compare the marks.


I got them for pretty cheap so it's more a curiosity thing.

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