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memory problems Flash voyager GT 16 GB


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I have a problem!


My memory stick a Flash voyager GT 16 GB acts like its almost full, but I have deleted all the clips and documents on it.


I filled up my memory stick for the hollidays, and when I came back I deleted everything on it, but the stick does not release any more space. At the moment there is 300MB free space even though I deleted everything on it. I have tried to put documents in to it to see if it was only a writing error, but files larger than 300MB wont go in because of lack of space.


The only thing I have done that might have caused the problem, is that I normaly use the memory stick only between my mac and WD HD TV, but this easter I also used it on my PC. The problem described above is the same both when i use the memory stick in my mac and my PC.



Help please


Have a nice day

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