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need ram for a 386SX 25


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I need ram for my old 386SX 25


I think it is a SIMM FastPage with 70ns with about 4MB


Hey RamGuy what ram do you suggest?


Do you have a Corsair Dominator SIMM 4MB / 70ns FP with airflow?


This is no joke i have realy a 386 SX 25 and the ram is faulty

i won´t give up my first PC :[pouts:

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I have lots of rare, hard-to-find 30 and 72 pin SIMM memory modules (FP and EDO). I'll sell them for the exclusive price of $20/MB just for you (shipping included in price). Deal? How many sticks do you want? :biggrin: :biggrin::biggrin:


Seriously though, check the usual auction sites.

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