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TX750W Power Supply Problem


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Hello, I seem to be having a issue with my TX750W power supply when I added a 3rd hard drive. After adding a 3rd hard drive to my system there is a high pitched electrical sound coming from the power supply, This sound becomes much louder when I click and drag any operating system window or Internet explorer window.


This is pretty obvious that the issue is energy consumption related, If I take any hard drive away the noise is gone. Is this normal? The noise is loud and annoying and as I mentioned moving any window around makes a noise that seems like my system is at full peek load.


I have 5 case fans, zalaman 9500 cooler, 3 7200 rpm sata hard drives, radeon 4890 video card, phenom II 940 CPU & a sata DVD drive. Does anyone else have this issue with related system specs or do I have a defective power supply?


I am certain that the noise is not power supply fan related and speaking of the power supply fan, it seems not much air is coming out the back of the case yet there is plenty of air being deflected back into the case.


Any help would be great, Thanks


Update: The high pitched noise still exists regardless of me pulling the hard drive but it not as loud. This wasn't an issue with my Radeon 4870 but With this new upgrade to a 4890 (which draws more power) I have this annoying high pitched noise. I switched back to my 4870 to experiment and the noise was gone. I then tried the 4890 in another system and with a cheap-o 650 watt PS and there is no crazy noise? So it would appear that with this new power load I have, my TX750 acts up. I guess it's safe to call it a defected power supply. Please also note I tried various settings in my bios that were related to the sticky and still no fix.


I would just get the Corsair 1000 watt but should I have to do that as my solution? And if I have to RMA I will be shopping for another power supply because this computer gets no down time at my house. ;) Can I pay the difference or whatever and just get a fail safe 1000 watt?

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I think the sound is fine. I do notice higher pitch electrical sound when I crank up one of the GTX280 card that is plug on to 2nd 12 volt rail of my HX1000. I wonder and was concern at first when I got the HX1000. My system is rock solid for 3 days doing Foling@home. It means that the PSU is under load, the more the load the higher the sound. As long as is stable you should be fine. I also ask ramguy here other day and I do have a thread regarding this as well. http://www.asktheramguy.com/v3/showthread.php?t=77917


If it keeps getting loader then RMA it, other then that it should be fine as long as it works and is 100% stable no, reboots, lockups of that sort..

Now here is a sound noise chart http://www.corsair.com/_images/charts/tx750w_noise.jpg

the more load you put on the PSU the more sound it makes.

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Thats fan RPM/noise, not electrical buzzing noises.


If the card does not make another PSU buzz, then I'd say thats enough evidence to try an RMA.


Thanx for the reply guy's, I was just going to say about the noise chart being fan related. Whats odd and seems like the issue isn't tottaly having to do with power load is when I play a game it doesn't get any louder, and on my video card thats about a 150-250 bump in power draw.


I mainly notice this crazy annoying high pitched sound when in windows just by scrolling a webpage or moving a window around. So if it doesn't get louder when im using tons more energy playing a game, then it has to do with just getting up to a certain range of power usage that triggers this noise.


Does anyone else have a Radeon 4890? Perhaps it has to do with how this card uses power because my old 4870 never triggered this PSU to drive me insane. :p:

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That's strange and not right just to make high pitch noise when using the windows desktop like browsing the web and scrolling around. Mine does make lower pitch noise when my gtx280 gets loading with a game or folding @ home. So far my PSU is working great no lockups and I ran F@H for several days and game heavily as well since I bought this PSU 6 days ago.
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  • Corsair Employees

We have seen that some cards can send feedback up the PCIE cables which may cause a capacitor to buzz or hum on the PSU. It's just as likely that replacing the PSU would resolve it as replacing the video card. The noise would not indicate a problem with the functionality of either the PSU or the video card, however if its loud enough to be bothersome, then I would try swapping the card or PSU out. You may also want to try booting up in safe mode to be sure that the video driver itself is not causing the issue.


If you would like to get the PSU replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”

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