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Corsair Dominator issue?

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When i originally built my PC back in May of 08 i purchased two 1GB sticks of Dominator 8500 DDR2 ram. I have had no issues whatsoever with them. In Feb of this year i decided to add to additional sticks of dominator. My first set was DOA and i had them RMA'd through newegg. Second set seemed to work find but i started getting a ton of very strange glitches.


Heres a few examples.


I get random blue screens. Some have to do with AVG antivirus, some list the video driver, some list page file support, some list corrupt files, but it is never consistently the same issue.


Recently i have had failures on other things. When i download rar files and attempt to join them i get corrupt file messages. but when i download the same links on my laptop they work fine.


I have had 2 game patches fail completely with no explanation. One of the failures caused a blue screen and reboot.


Yesterday i attempted to install a game and it kept telling me the data on the CD was corrupt and i need to contact the game maker for a new disc, yet it installs on 2 other computers fine.


I keep gettin random errors and blue screens on webpages that involve flash.


Today i took the 2 new sticks of RAM out and i was able to install both patches that werent working and install the game that said the data was corrupt. I have yet to recieve a blue screen. But programs i installed while the RAM was in are failing to run.


Does this sound like a RAM issue to you?


Thanks for the input

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