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The problem is, not so long ago one of my sticks went bad. Sent it out under warranty and I recieved the new ram. Now I am having probelms get the system to boot with both sticks in. It will boot with 1 stick in it, but I pop in the second stick it hangs and does nothing, no post, no beep codes just dead in the water. I tried swapping out sticks and the other stick doesn't boot at all. So I am thinking another bad stick but looking for a lil feed back before I sit with no PC for another 2 weeks. Thanks in advance!





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Download Memtest86+ V2.11 from--->

Download CPU-z from--->

Shut the system down. Insert a single stick of memory in the slot 1 (Closest to the CPU) Enter your BIOS and set:

 AI Tuning : Manual
Nvidia GPU Ex : Disabled
LinkBoost : Disabled

FSB - Memory Clock Mode : Unlinked
FSB (QDR), Mhz : 333 (1333)
Actual FSB (QDR), Mhz : 1333
MEM (DDR), Mhz : 1066
Actual MEM (DDR), Mhz : 1066

Vcore Voltage : Auto
Memory Voltage :2.1v
1.2v HT Voltage :1.2v
NB Core Voltage :1.40v
SB Core Voltage :1.50v
CPU VTT Voltage :1.25v
DDRII Controller Ref Voltage : Auto
DDRII Channel A Ref Voltage : Auto
DDRII Channel B Ref Voltage : Auto

tCL (CAS Latency) : 5
tRCD : 5
tRP : 5
tRAS : 15
Command Per Clock (CMD) : 2 clock (2T)

Advance Memory Settings

tRRD : Auto
tRC : Auto
tWR : Auto
tWTR : Auto
tREF : Auto
tRD : Auto
tRFC : 55
Async Latency : Auto

CPU Spread Spectrum : Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum : Disabled
MCP PCIE Spread Spectrum : Disabled
SATA Spread Spectrum : Disabled
LDT Spread Spectrum : Disabled

CPU Internal Thermal Control : Enabled
Limit CPUID MaxVal : Disabled
Enhanced C1 (C1E) : Enabled
Execute Disable Bit : Disabled
Virtualization Technology : Enabled
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Tech : Disabled
LDT Frequency : 5x

Boot to the Memtest CD and allow for two full passes. Shut down replace the first stick with the second stick, reboot to the Memetest CD for two full passes. Finally, shut the system down and insert a stick in slot 1 and slot 3 and boot to the Memtest CD. If stable, enter Windows and post a screenshot of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs.



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