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Compatability??? (freezing)


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Good day.


I've been having alot of freezing issues since setting up my new pc (well over 6 months ago). The system decides to randomly freeze at any particular moment though most notably when playing CoD4. Occasionally I may get a BSOD claiming "IRQ not equal to or less than" but for the most part these days it just freezes and needs a manual restart.


I went over as many possibilities as I could;

new PSU

replaced RAM (see below)

format OS

new MB (see below)


Turns out my original MB (Striker II Extreme) was actually eating my RAM :eek: so when funds became available I got an XFX 790i Ultra. Unfortunately my funds didnt run high enough for new RAM so I'm currently sitting on a meager 1GB. The freezes and BSOD's continue.


A friend has recently advised me that Windows 32bit is not compatible with RAM over 1333MHtz and I should go into my BIOS and underclock it to register as 1333. when I entered my BIOS I found that it is already at 1333 as the factory default (setting back to factory default confirmed this).


I am getting rather annoyed with my machine as the freezes are completely random, at times it will run for 3 odd days before it freezes but when the freezing starts it is usually as often as 7 times in rapid succession, other times it's freezing once or twice a day. I notice it happening more when I play CoD4, though this is probably because I play it a lot.


I see a lot of other problems with freezes on DDR3 RAM. I do not wish to overclock or underclock my pc. I purchased top of the line (at the time) and checked compatibility so that I would not have to tinker with those things to get the performance I wanted.


/end rant


I feel I am asking a stupid question but I am unable to google the answer. Does Windows XP 32 bit support RAM over 1333? does Vista 32 bit? I dont want to have to go down the Vista road if possible. Should I bite the bullet and get 3GB of 1333 DDR3?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I dont want to throw my pc out the window but I am finally starting to lose my patience.

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Tried to get them replaced by the store.


"if the mobo killed your RAM then the RAM is not faulty, its just dead. We wont replace them"


Are the people at Corsair nice enough not to give the same response? Honestly I can see the point behind the statement the store owner gave me and I kinda agree, the RAM itself wasnt faulty, the mobo ate it.

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