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Hi, I'm having the same problem as some others... The device is no longer being recognised by the OS (WinXP SP3) - simply saying "USB Device Not Recognized". I've tried it in 2 desktops and one laptop computer, all with the same result. The blue LED doesn't even light up, so it's not possible afaik to reformat it.


Fortunately I don't think there's any vital info on it.


Is there anything I can do to allow it to be recognized?


This is the second flash drive I've had, and the 2nd time it's happened. Is there possibly something I'm doing wrong? (I do always safely eject the drive.)



Thanks for your time.

(Corsair VoyagerGT 16GB)



(PS: Sorry, I thought I was adding this post to another thread instead of accidentally starting a new one.)

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