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TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX issue?

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I have what seems to be one bad XMS2 RAM and one good RAM. I'll explain below my amateur sleuth work to arrive at this conclusion. My core question: Is it possible to get a replacement for only the bad RAM, though they are sold in sets? I ask because the system builder pasted the CPU heatsink in a position so its fins are interwoven with the functioning RAM's fins, basically trapping it in place. I am really, really reluctant to have the system ripped apart to access what seems to be working just fine. It's that whole "don't fix what's not broken" idea, but more importantly, I need this system to do my job. I can't afford to take it in for who knows how many days.


Here's what has happened so far:

1. The system was fine for three months, then last weekend, it started spontaneously rebooting at various points after booting and accessing several applications. (Though I finally identified that I could replicate the rebooting behavior by running a full virus scan and waiting for it to reach about 25% complete.)

2. Upon reboot, chkdsk would run and found no errors.

3. I switched off the auto restart so I could see any BSODs, but never saw any.

4. I ran diagnostics on both hard drives. Both reported healthy.

5. My troubleshooting research suggested that the memory could also be a cause of the symptoms. Came to Corsair looking for help and found some.

6. Ran Memtest86+ with both RAM modules inserted in the MB. Tons of errors were tallying up.

7. Opened the case, removed the RAM in closest reach and ran the test again. It reported zero errors.

8. Went back in the case to pull the other RAM and found that it is "trapped."

9. Checked for a bios update at Asus, found one and flashed the bios successfully.

10. Reinserted the first RAM, so both were back in place, booted successfully. Tried a few things and spontaneous rebooting started again.

11. Repeated Memtest with both RAM modules and then just one module and got the same results as before.

12. I've been running the system all week on just the one trapped RAM and it's been rock solid without one problem, just a bit slower. :):


I'm hoping this testing or any other testing I could do (please let me know if there is anything) would be reliable enough to determine that replacing that one RAM that I've pulled is likely to be the solution to stop the systems' rebooting.


I'm a hardware-featherweight, so I greatly appreciate your advice!

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