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TX750 PSU 12V Rails


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I think that there are problems with my 12V rails. Sometimes, using one of the four rails, I get BSODs after usually a day or two, and then after, when I try to boot up again, it refuses to boot. It turns on for a second or two, then immediately shuts itself off. However, when I change the rails that I use to power my GTX260, the problem goes away.

Recently, I have just installed Lavalys Everest Ultimate, and when I check the "Sensors" section, under "Voltage Values" it says:

CPU Core--------1.12V





+5V Standby-----5.05V

VBAT Battery-----3.33V

GPU Vcc----------3.30V

GPU VRM---------1.04V


Are those voltages anything to worry about? With the +3.3V running at 1.87, and the +12V running at 8.45? Or is this just something wrong with Everest or the sensors not reporting correctly? I have not had any BSODs since a few months ago when I switched around those 12V rails, unless I am OCing.

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