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What read and write speeds should I be getting from the above product. I have one of these that is not that old 3-6 months. Read speed is ok at 31mb/sec how ever the write speed is at 13mb/sec.


I know that the pc is capable of more as I have also tested and a old usb key wich give a write speed of 23mb/sec. see pic for both at http://www.overclockers.com.au/pix/index.php?page=image&id=d0ese


Somone else with the same GT is also getting write speeds of 25mb/sec shown here.



If Im only going to get 13mb/sec i am disapoint that I spent more money on what I though would be a superior product or do I have a faulty product.



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Hi Ramguy,


I have formatted and it has improved. thanks However what should I be getting? Its still not like some other of 22mb/sec write.


Read Write RRead RWrite Drive

30331 15238 30197 3638 G:\100MB

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