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Bar code or UPC is madatory to send when purchase memory card from Frys

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I have purchased one each memory( DDR 1GB PC2700 ) wide Fray's invoice#3763223 & 3763227 dated Mar 12, 2009 when corsair promotion going on(wide number 22799).


I have asked the fry's person that i required upc number or barcode that i need to sent. They said that not required because you have brought from our store directly and they gave receipt for that. shows item : 4054652 UPC 870584003083 for the both receipts.


i have sent by invoice copy and the rebate receipt and tracking number wide# 14555700 and 14555712. but your records shows tracking number 14555700 documents not received and tracking number 14555712 documents received but there is not barcode/ups code.


Issue: I have customer support but explained but there is some communication gap with me and them hence putting in writing.


1. How to identify bar code/upc code?


2. If any one purchases memory card from frays directly, he must to send bar/upc code to you?


3. frays rebate receipt is original or photo copy is sufficient?I have sent initially the photo copies and if you required to send the original I can do so, if not required I won't send.


can you clarify how we should go ahead on this.


Srinivasu Anupindi

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The Rebates are not done or processed by Corsair directly and Tech support has absolutely nothing to do with them. I would suggest contacting the rebate company and asking them but for any rebate that I have done the UPC code is always required off the back of the package.
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