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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D Both might be bad.

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I built this comp about 2 months ago. 2 weeks after building it , it starts to BSOD. I restarted and it ran for an hr or so then BSOD again. I tried reinstalling windows at this point and all seemed well for about another 2 weeks, then BSOD again. This time its in a BSOD loop , I have to set the mem down from 1066 to 800 to get windows to load.


At this point I running memtest86+ 2.11. First i try with both sticks set at 1066 5, 5, 5, 15 , T2 2.1v i get about 100 errors before the 3rd test is done. I try Setting it to 800mhz everything else the same , this time it pasted the first run and started getting errors in the 2ed run 3rd test , but no where close to the number the first test showed.


I then try each stick single in all 4 slots. again at 1066 , 5, 5 ,5 ,15, T2 , 2.1v . 1st stick in slot 1, starts getting errors at test 3 , slot 2 and 3 at test 4 and slot 4 at test 6. Then stick 2 pass's the first run in all 4 but starts to fail in the 2ed run.


I'm not really sure if its the ram or the mobo, but its starting to drive me crazy lol.


My BIOS is up to date as well as all drivers. Sadly this is my first new comp in about 4 years, so i have no other ram or mobo that will work together to test with.

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Errors on tests 5-8 would suggest some other problem, what if you set the memory frequency at DDR800 and then over clock the CPU does that pass and did you try and move the modules to the second set of slots?
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