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Problem with Asus Striker II Extreme and TW3X4G1800C8DF

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Hello Guys,


The problems that I am facing is the following:


1. The problem that I have is every time that I am powering up my PC the screen lamp is flashing and my PC is not booting to WINDOWS. I wait 2-3 minutes and I am pressing the RESET button to restart the system and then is booting correctly. This is happening every time I am powering up my PC.


Sometimes I need to press the RESET button 2 or 3 times after waiting each time 2-3 minutes before pressing them to see if its boots but the same problem persists.


2. Another problem that I am facing is that when WINDOWS vista 64 bit is working as of a sudden I am getting a blue screen and the PC is restarted.


I have put the latest bios to my motherbord but the problem its still the same. I have reformat and put the WINDOWS VISTA 64BIT 2-3 times but the problem its still the same.


Can you please advise me what the problem might be.


Any changes that I need to make to the BIOS ???





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If you try to start your pc and the LED is only flashing,


i think the PSU is not coming up correctly.

If you have a Digital Voltmeter checkt the 12 Volt rail at start up!


The Corsair Domiator 1800Mhz will work on this board but you MUST

set the Voltage manualy (set 1.76 or 1.78 Volt in the BIOS this will result in 1,80 Volt at the ram slots).


Set the freq to unlink aprox. to 1778Mhz and the timing manual 8-8-8-24 (please refer to the Datasheet).


NB Voltage, standart should work (in my case it does) or lift it, the max with good!!! cooling is 1,6 Volts ... but here you should first try 1.4 ....


If you have further qestions, .....

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