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Truck driver: What size inverter for 650TX

Catman Joe

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This would be a better question for the manufacturer of the inverter, since we do not know how they rate their product, how efficient it is, etc. Keep in mind that the TX650 is only going to use as much power as the system needs, so the total wattage being drawn will depend on your exact system and how its being used. I would suspect that an 800w inverter would be sufficient, but I do not know enough about Cobra inverters to make any guarantees.
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One hint,


i don´t know these converters!


But you converter must! supply a sine wave output otherwise you may be get some trouble with the pfc


Was just going to make that point. A lot of inverters output a square wave, which isn't very good for running computer power supplies. If its a sine wave model, then 800w should definately cover it, as per RAM GUY's post.

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