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System Freezing while gaming.


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Sorry if this is in the wrong area, I couldn't find anywhere else that looked relevant. Recently, I purchased a new PC. (Basic specs in my profile) All was well until a few days ago when it froze playing the last remnant, first thing I checked was my temps, all were in the green. Then I ran memtest, all passed. Ran seatools on my harddrive, all tests passed. Started playing Lineage 2, froze again. Now it'll just randomly freeze when I'm playing, sometimes after 5 hours of playing, sometimes after 10mins.


I still have a nagging feeling that it might be ram related. Either due to bad bios settings or not running memtest long enough. I was running it at 1066 5-5-5-15 @ 2.1v. I have since reduced it to 800 5-5-5-18 @ 1.8v. Still crashing at both settings.


Any advice on where I could go from here would be appreciated.

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My machine does the exact same thing with the PC8500 Dominator 2x2GB sticks.


However a few times after this has happend I quickly boot it to a floppy "BIOS" mode Memtext86X and I have found memory failures. I recall 5 and 7 errors showing up.


What I had to do was underclock this RAM to use my machine at a decent speed but it's still much lower than what these sticks should run at.


I have been able to pull off some nice almost 550mhz speeds on this ram to get some decent 3dMark06 scores.


However when i want to get my game on with UT3 or L4D I can't play very long without a crash and I think it is because of the memory. Why do i think this? Because i have tried other DDR2 at faster speeds and my machine is stable.


I'm a big Corsair fan. I have a tx650W psu and i have bought other ram before but i have had no luck with the DDR2 Dominator RAM.


One thing you want to be sure to do is chek Corsairs memory configurator to see if your motherboard is listed as being compatible with their RAM.


Mine isn't listed so that pretty much sums up my problems.


My MB was so new when I got it that i wasn't sure what to put in it. My MB didn't receive alot of RAM support from the start. I thought PC8500 Corsair DDR2 would be the best choice for my machine. But it just isn't compatible. Now i know and so does Corsair.


When you tune your ram use Memtest86. It will help you dial in the best timings for your speeds.


Good luck.

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