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Supermicro C7X58


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I was wondering if subj MB supports 1.65V modules on i7 920 CPU (and DDR3-1600 consequently)

according to this thread its sister board X8SAX


does not.


But C7X58 according to SM supports DDR3-1600


which supported by Corsair memory compatibilty list



The problem is that there is no memory voltage settings in BIOS

so unless it reads settings from SPD and adjust settings automatically

how would all those modules work?


Is there a tool for a Intel memory controller, independent of MB manufacturer to adjust timing and voltage?



Best regards,


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  • Corsair Employees

No, no and I am sorry but not at this time.

I know of no DDR1600 memory that will run at 1.5 Volts, and that MB will not let you set the memory Voltage from what I have seen none of the super Miro MB's will. So I would check with them for a list of compatible modules.

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