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Problems with 2 pairs of TWIN2X4096-6400C5 with Asus P5E VM-HDMI


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Hi all

hope someone can help. Have just bought a further 4gb of XMS2 CM2X2048-6400C5 to take me up to 8GB.

Since then have had many BSOD's and system restarts. In reading the forum it would appear that my problem is likely to be trying to run all four modules at 800mhz as this may be overloading the memory controller.


Several people have mentioned lowering my speed to 667mhz and altering my timings and northbridge voltage. This is where i get lost.


I have tried to follow several of the threads but invariably my bios (AMI) doesnt have some of the same features that are shown in the threads (or if they are they are called something different. (eg: my Northbridge voltage in BIOS just says AUTO - so how do i know what to set it to ?


I have looked at Everest Ultimate and it says my Northbridge is 1.25v. and I know my RAM should run at 1.9v


So what should i set RAM and Northbridge to ? Also what about all the timing settings ? anything else to alter ?


Sorry for all the questions but i am not familiar with altering these things (usually run everything on Auto and hope for the best :):



Can anyone who is familiar with this board (or Asus boards) please advise me on what settings i should have to reduce my settings to 667mhz.


many thanks


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Hi Ramguy

thanks for getting back to me. I have noticed that the two sets of RAM are different revisions and that the voltages for the earlier batch is 1.8v and for the recent batch is 1.9.

I will give it a go at 2.0v and set to 667




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