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I believe I need an RMA for bad memory

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Hi RAMGuy-


I need to verify with you that I have bad memory and get an RMA. Originally I had purchased a TWIN2X1024-6400 (XMS2) memory and put that 2GB in my system. Really didn't experience any problems, but later I ordered another set of the same RAM to up my system to 4GB and run Vista 64. I had lots of crashes. Took awhile to realize it was not the OS. I found the thread about setting the BIOS so the RAM runs at 2.1V, turn off legacy USB, and change the write to prefetch from 10 to 15. I did all that. The RAM is set at 5-5-5-12 and all other settings for the MB are at Auto/Default.


Last night I put in the original pair of sticks and ran memtest. After 12 hours, there were no errors reported. This morning, I swapped out that 2GB with the more recent pair and started another memtest. This time starting on pass 2 I started getting numerous errors on test 5 and continued to get them.


Is there any further testing I need to do, or can I go ahead and get an RMA for this second pair?

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