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1Gb (Kit of 2) Stick Died After a BSOD

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Hi guys,


One sticks died after a blue screen of death.


On reboot I found that all I got was no post and long beep, stop and beep again and loop.


I tried my other stick from the kit one after another and noticed one of the sticks works fine and the other doesn't at all. When ran in dual channel mode both will not work and in alterntate slots. I find that I get post but the memory size indicator or counter does not show on post and it freezes.


I took the memory back to my provider here in the U.K (CCL Bradford) and they said the memory is still under warrenty and works in their bench and testing machines. So I have working memory but not when I put it in.


I decided to buy a new set - the new memory of the exact same type work beautifully in all 4 slots in either configuration. I tried sticking one of my old sticks to find out that it was posting and booting fine. Replaced the third stick with the troublesome stick and nothing !!!


I put all 4 sticks into my PC and found that I got post and no boot as the machine froze with weird post error codes found on the board. 25 sometimes in one configuration and then 50. 50 accordin to the manual referred to an USB controller initialisatiom. 25 referred to shadow boot and vgha bios .. something like that. Weird thing 25 only makes sense of you use sleep mode alot in vista. I turned off machine after a successful boot. I unplugged all the USB connectors and started again. No post !!!


I'm not quite sure what to do I have a brand new set and it works fine as Im using my machine right now. But my old set they say work fine ... CCL have asked me to bring my PC in if I need it testing again. I'm working I dont have time to strip my machine ... ??? : ? --> = ( Also they didn't any high spec boards to test my memory as I wiped my bios with the jumper so Im not sure why it works for them and no boot and no post for me.

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ty ever so much dude.


Quick question ... ?


Do you recommend 2*2GB of this model of Corsair Memory or 4*1GB ???


I have still my 7 day no quibble refund available to me at CCL Bradford so I thought I would ask to see which one you would get if you were in my shoes as the 2*2GB set is only a tenner more so ....


I thgt I would ask ...


Would greatly appreciate if you could get back to me before friday ... :p:





I'll get the RMA form filled out now.


Thanks In Advance

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