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DOA TX750W/Rebate Question


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Put a mostly new system together and it worked for about 5 minutes before cutting out. Pressing power at the case or on the board after that gave just enough power for the fans to spin once before it cut out again. After disconnecting every other component with no luck, I plugged in an old power supply and the system started up without any trouble. Tried the 750 and confirmed that it still didn't start the system.


That it needs to be replaced it pretty obvious (unless anyone has a miracle cure that I could apply to it); the only complicating factor is that I've got till the 20th or 21st to file a rebate for it, which requires the UPC from the box.


Should I file the rebate and RMA it with a damaged box, or should do the RMA and forget about the rebate unless I get it back in time?


If there's some warranty-save way to fix it on my end, I'll take that as well, but I'm not putting any bets on that one.



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