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ASUS M3A78-T and TWIN2X4096-8500C5


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Hi all,


i just put the system together, the system boots up fine with no problem, the only thing i noticed is that RAM is taken as 800MHz insted of the 1066MHz.


i double checked with the Memory spec at vendor site and it's verified to work at 1066Mhz 5-5-5-15 Timing with 2.1V


i went to the motherboard bios: [Advanced] -> [JumperFree Configuration]




AI Overclocking option to "Manual"


DDR Voltage: 2.10


then i went in to [DRAM Timing Configuration]


Memory Clock Mode: "Manual"


Memclock Value: 1067 (for some reason insted of 1066 it says 1067 in

the option, could this a problem?)


2T Mode :"Auto"

DRAM TIming Mode = Both


CAS latency = 5

tRCD = 5

tRP = 5

tRAS = 15



windows loads up fine, BUT when i run prime95 with in 4-5 seocnds i get error and it stops.


and when i turn to back 800Mhz in RAM the prime95 works perfect.


is there any problems with RAM and motherboard or CPU?


please help

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