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Is there a retail version of CM3X2G1600C9D6 RAM?


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I got the CM3X2G1600C9D6 memory with my custom Core i7 Rig from Cyberpower and have been trying to find the model# of the equivalent retail version, since my memory is sold only to OEMs and SIs from what I've read.


Can anyone help me out?


PS - I don't know if its pertinent to post here on this as well, but is there anywhere I can view noobie OC settings for a Gigabyte UD4P mobo with my Corsair RAM? I've got a new Rig that I'm just looking for a minor OC to about 3.2Ghz or 3.4-ish for stability with RAM set to the rated 1600 settings.


Thanks for the great informative forum!

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TR3X6G1600C9 would be the retail version but I dont know if you would find them any more and if you did you will likely have to run them at DDR1333 it would be best to get a 12 Gig Set if you want more memory.
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