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Asus P6T Deluxe V2 (TR3X6G1333C9)


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Is this the correct settings;


BIOS configuration the following parameter :


Ai Overclock Tuner : X.M.P.

BCLK Frequency : 133

PCIE Frequency : 100

DRAM Frequency : DDR3-1333 Mhz

UCLK Frequency : 2666 Mhz

DRAM Cas# Latency : 9

DRAM Ras# to Cas# Delay : 9

DRAM Ras# PRE Time : 9

DRAM Ras# ACT Time : 24


DRAM Voltage: 1.60V

QPI Voltage: 1.35 V


Or should I go with Auto for the Voltage ?:roll:




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