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Help with x58 Classified bios ....

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Hello All,

This may be something that most of you find as not a problem but I am new to the OC arena and I really could use some help / advice.


I upgraded my Striker II Extreme & Q9450 setup with a Rampage II Extreme & i7 965. I already had Corsair Dominator ddr3 2000 4GB so I am keeping this for now. Sure enough the bad luck hit and the MB had issues of its own (enough that I RMA'd it). So now that I RMA’d the equipment, I went ahead and ordered an EVGA x58 Classified MB (while waiting for the other item to come back) and it is now in its new home.


Here is my issue, I am not big with the whole OC thing and my computer is more for graphics and 3d (I know that I didn’t need this gear for those reasons but I want to have the ability to bump things up if I wanted to and I do play my games at times as well). What I want to know is for my current setup, what are the best BIOS settings that I can use so that I get the most out of my equipment without the risks of BSOD or lockups. I do not care if I use the specs that are the closest to stock (advertised) specs but I do not want to go over by too much.


Here is what I have:

EVGA x58 Classified MB

Intel i7 965 processor

EVGA GTX260 SSC video card

ABS Tagan BZ800 power supply

Corsair Dominator DDR3-2000 (PC3-16000 TW3X4G2000C9DF) 2 x 2GB memory

VelociRaptor 300GB main and Raptor 150GB second (I do not want to run RAID just yet)

CoolerMaster Cosmos S tower


So far I have made the only 2 adjustments to the BIOS and that was to make the DDR settings at 9-9-9-24 2T and the CPU @ BCLK 133 and 24 multiplier. What I need now is to adjust everything else including voltages to get the most out of the CPU and memory without it BSOD me to death or lockup on the stock fan. I will be getting a newer CPU cooler soon but don’t have it yet as well as triple channel DDR3 6GB. I have tried to research this out but most settings I find are for people with a 920 and OC’ing out. I really would like to know this stuff and even as far as the settings for SpeedStep, Virtualization, ect. go.


Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Just try and change the multiplyer then until you get about 3.6 set everything else to auto you should be stable with that oc I'm sure. But if you go up more that's when you start changing voltages! And also bsod are appearing!. But I'm sure with that board 3.6 is easy with everything auto!
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Actually I did return the Rampage because it had a bad IDE connection and a bad DIMM slot and several other things. Lets just say that with any settings made, the i7 965 was slower than my old P4 system. At first I thought it may a issue since the Corsair memory wasnt on the QVL so that is why I got the tri channel Kingston memory, but that wasnt the case.


Pretty much all I want to do is get the best performance for my rendering 3D without having to go crazy with watercooling and such. I do plan on getting a decent CPU cooler soon, but even so I do not want to take chances blowing a $1000 CPU.


I will try to do as you stated and let you know what happens but as stated earlier, I would like to make all the necessary BIOS changes that allows the CPU, RAM, and MB play nice together.

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would suggest starting like this:


Mother Board ( EVGA X58 Classified )


Frequency Control

CPU Clock Ratio ( 26x )

CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) ( 134 )

MCH Strap ( auto )

CPU Uncore Frequency (Mhz) ( auto )

CPU Clock Skew ( 0 ps )

Spread Spectrum ( Disabled )

PCIE Frequency (Mhz) ( 100 )



Memory Feature

Memory Speed ( XMP Profile 1 )

Memory Control Setting ( Enabled )

Memory Frequency ( auto)

Channel Interleave Setting ( 6 Way )

Rank Interleave Setting ( 4 Way )

Memory Low Gap ( auto)

tCL Setting ( 8 )

tRCD Setting ( 8 )

tRP Setting ( 8 )

tRAS Setting ( 21 )

tRFC Setting ( 88 )

Command Rate ( 1t )



Voltage Control

EVGA VDroop Control ( Without VDroop )

CPU VCore ( 1.35v )

CPU VTT Voltage ( +300 )

CPU PLL VCore ( Auto )

**IOH PLL VCore ( Auto )

DIMM Voltage ( 1.65 )

*DIMM DQ Vref ( +0 )

QPI PLL VCore ( auto )

IOH VCore ( auto )

IOH/ICH I/O Voltage ( auto )

**BR04 ( NF200) Voltage ( auto)

**VTT PWM Frequency ( 610 KHZ )

**CPU PWM Frequency ( 800 KHZ )

**CPU Impedance (auto)

**QPI Signal Compensation ( auto )

ICH VCore ( auto)



CPU Feature

Intel SpeedStep ( Disabled )

Turbo Mode Function ( Enabled )

CxE Function ( Disabled )

Execute Disable Bit ( Disabled )

Virtualization Technology ( Disabled )

Intel HT Technology ( Enabled )

Active Processor Cores ( All )

QPI Control Settings ( Enabled )

QPI Link Fast Mode ( Enabled )

QPI Frequency Selection ( 6.400 GT/s )



This will give you a nice OC

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