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Corsair HX260 Will it run my new setup?


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I have tried to find the answer, have done alot of searching today about diffrent things, I hope you people can easly help me, as power consumption is one of the sides I know less about.


I have updated my new hardware in my spec list, besides that there will be 2 fans on the cpu cooler, and 2 system fans. (all are 120mm) Noctua's)


Thanks in advance.



As far as ive gotten in my own searching,


The GPU uses 285 watt on load (seen from some review).

The CPU uses 130 watt on load (Intel website spec).


Any other things i need to take in account, and are there any other components that use alot of wattage?

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Thanks for your reply,


I asked this because I really wanna be sure, my last system kept having some defects and pretty much tired of that.


Anyway back to the question,


I had used that psu finder, and entering the i7-920, GTX285+ and 1 Harddisk it gave me the option from 520w to 620w. However when I enabled OC video card option, it said 620w to 750w, and the GTX285 I ordered is factory over-clocked. XFX GTX285 Black Edition, And I have no idea if that counts for the OC option at the PSU finder or if the OC editions use the same power as the stock ones. So this made me worry.


Anyways if the 620HX is still able to power 99% of the pc's out, then Im sure it will do mine as even tho I use it as a gaming rig, im not very much into OC or any fancy stuff.


Thanks again for your responds :D:

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Thats great, so I can safely put in another harddisk as well, and an extra fan or two for the summer period without worry. I know fans dont use much wattage, but I thought I was getting close to the PSU's limit. Then any watt is another watt :D:


Is there any program you can recommend where I can monitor power usage with, if there is any?


Now hope I get the rest of my hardware tomorrow or saturday so I can start building this new rig :)



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I am not aware of any software that can accurately tell you what the power draw is, but there are many UPS battery backups which can display it, and other wattage reading devices such as the "Kill A Watt" and "Watts up?" meters.
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